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||IGOWebGL the first 3D web platform without plug-in
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IGOWebGL the first 3D web platform without plug-in

Based on the standard HTML5 / WebGL

IGOWebGL allows viewing of large urban areas in 3D from a web browser without plugins
IGOWebGL uses the HTML5 standard and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux

This is a API Javascript. 

Compatible Internet browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari, Opera , Internet Explorer (from version 11).IGOWebGL is unlimited with simultaneous connections. It is an asset to broadcast 3D online easily.

Supported by BpiFrance and approved by our customers

IGOWebGL is a web solution developed by IGO as part of its R&D strategy. 

IGO is accompanied in this development by BPI France

Several customers already trust IGO on this technology: EDF, Nanterre, the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the Alpes Maritimes,...

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