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Use case of 3D for development operations of highways

Vinci Autoroutes uses 3D IGO in development studies of the A61 and the A63

The Directorate of Construction and Infrastructure Maintenance ASF (Vinci Autoroutes), as part of management operations to 2x3 lanes of tha A63 and A61, uses IGO solution daily.

This solution is used in the context of project reviews to better visualize the operation, the constraints and the surrounding environment. 

The service of Sylvain Guilloteau, construction foreman at ASF, uses the solution IGO daily

All data from preliminary studies (topography, environment, sketches ) and government services (DREAL , IGN) are imported and displayed on a 3D base, operated in the Skyline suite directly by the employees directly connected to the ASF intranet or via a tablet with the mobile solution.

The mobile solution enables communication with all project stakeholders (municipalities, residents), as part of the consultations.

"Business" tools developed by IGO facilitate the work of operational by offering simple and accessible interfaces to all.

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