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Why Predict chose IGO

The biggest challenge in this development is to process real-time data to make more wide analysis at the scale of France without the treatment taking more than 5 minutes (if not, the new blade arrives before the previous is processed).

The use of Skyline solution combined with the expertise of 3D IGO helped to overcome this constraint.Summary of the IGO strengths on this project:

  • 3D strong expertise and advanced features of Skyline solution, including API
  • Performing associate hosting service ( Availability: 99.9% annually) over the entire France with IGN data repository .

A service with 22000 municipalities subscribed

The company Predict Services (subsidiary of Airbus D&SMeteo France and BRL-Ingénierie) works with 22 000 municipalities in France and DOM/TOM: it provides them with a flood risk prevention service in case of rainy period planned by Meteo France.

Predict Service wished to be equipped with a real-time 3D Web platform
 to help the management and flood risk prevention and has chosen IGO to expand, host, maintain and evolve it. 

How Predict IGO help with a collaborative 3D platform

To meet the need, IGO has developed a customized solution and offers accomodation of the platform. The tools Predict Observer and Analyser developed are based on a database composed of various geographical data (IGN, Opendata…) and data Météo France.

The software processes the received files real-time to analyze storm data:

  • Querying “strips” of water and Visualization of archived blades ( Predict Service has all the blades 15 minutes since 2004).
  • Calculating and displaying blades accumulations. This displays the precipitation over a longer period (Example: to know the amount of water fallen over the last 24 hours).
  • Calculation and display of hyetographs ( graph showing the amount of rain on a grip ) on a list of watersheds.
  • Management of historical references…

The testimony of Alix Roumagnac, CEO of Predict Services

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