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  4. Use case of 3D applied to the management of railway infrastructure

Use case of 3D for the management of rail infrastructure data

SNCF Network uses 3D IGO platform to federate and share business data

As part of its development projects and rail infrastructure constructions, SNCF Network has wanted to implement a 3D solution for federating topo data, digital data of projects and infrastucture and clouds drones points, to analysis them, internally share them with an intuitive and powerful tool.

SNCF Network has data increasingly more and more voluminous and accurate with his drone surveillance system. So it chose the Skyline suite and expertise topo and 3D IGO to accompany this process and develop 3D tools whose objectives are:

  • Federate heterogeneous large geolocated data,
  • Display real-time 3D clouds all data cloud points shooted from drones

How Department Drones SNCF uses 3D - The feedbacks of Flavien VIGUIER

Flavien Viguier, Department Drones SNCF engineed geomatic topographer, uses daily the 3D IGO solution in the following activities :

  • Preparing drone assignments (for VFR flights and flights outside view)
  • Presentation of acquisition results
  • Creating an activity database
  • Study and follow diachronic evolution of intervention areas
  • Provision of data for internal clients (with external term)

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