-Monaco uses 3D to meet their prospective needs and urban development

Monaco in 3D: The digital city

An exceptional 3D area: terrain, urban density and architectural complexity

The Principality has a topo map to a very high accuracy and wanted to develop a tool to support its sustainable development policy and development of its territory. The tool had to be innovative and efficient for even more professionalism, information sharing and consultation.
To meet this need, the principality has entrusted the Joint Venture (IGO , Aerodata, Pixxim, Cowi ) controlled by IGO, the realization of the digital model of the territory in 3D. The territory is exceptional and the requirement of the Principality in terms of accuracy, features, developments and uses have made ​​this project one of the most innovative and ambitious in Europe today.

The media talk about it!

To read the article in Le Point and watch the video, click ICI

3D digital model in the service of the Principality of Monaco

Serving urban planning and communication, we have developed a 3D digital model based on:

  • 3D modeling of territory with a precision never reached: MNT centimeter accuracy, ortho 4.5cm and geometry buildings LOD3
  • A Geodatabase of the entire frame indexed for GIS and the SHIFT (shp, CityGML, kml, DWG, DXF, ...).
  • The Rhinocity tools and TerraExplorer the only able to read real-time 3D urban territory as dense in topographical data and complex models of buildings (LOD 2 and 3) and having proven features: automatic texturing, simulate shadows, take action soil and buildings, import/export GIS, visibility studies in 3D, ...
Specifically, the solution is used in the context of urban planning, development projects of the Odéon Tower, the future Hôpital Grace de Monaco, the new Sporting and the Hotel de Paris, the place du Casino and any expansion project of the sea.

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