The uses of 3D by Yann- Vari LECUYER, deputy director of the services of the city of Cannes

What are the activities of the GIS department of the city of Cannes?

“The Directorate of Geographic Information Systems manages all projects and activities that have for support the GIS, 3D urban model, topography, bathymetry and CAD products.

Through a range of services, we are available to our users to create the facilities, the training on our tools and the support in the realization of their projects. Our missions are rich and varied: thematic/spatial analysis, modeling of 3D architectural projects, bathymetric surveys, provision of 2 permanent GPS stations ensuring high accuracy topographic work,…

We manage reference data, including aerial photographs, the Cadastral Computerized map, data from trade agreement (drinking water, sewerage,…) and all thematic data input within the services.”


What 3D tools give you help with in managing your missions?

“The use of 3D has become essential in urban planning, in the implementation of development projects and in the way of understanding our territory; we can no longer think and design in 2D. 3D is part of new approaches to analyze, understand and create tomorrow’s spaces.”



Why not have chosen in this case the 3D GIS proposed by your editor?

“Our editor, leader in the field of Geographic Information System, provides powerful 3D spatial analysis tools.

However, the performance and adequacy of Skyline tools with our needs were decisive in guiding our choice.

The management of our urban 3D CityGML model in the updated cycle, the interoperability witl all 3D formats and GIS and the rich functionality of this suite have been essential.”

What other operational service also benefits from the use of 3D ?

“Twenty people from the technical services have been trained (architectural services, roads, constructions,…) to the tools that operate, consult and create visuals or videos around 3D. The approaches are very different depending of the business areas such as assessing the impact of new construction on the surrounding visibility, identify the most suitable roof for the photovoltaic installation, match the urban zoning with building heights…”


What are the main strengths and differentiation of IGO solutions that were appreciated ?

“The expertise and knowledge of IGO’s 3D domain has enabled us to adopt a comprehensive software suite allowing us to manage in total autonomy trhoughout our urban 3D model, of managing our CityGML data, dissemination of our model on our web portal via “professional” tools for our internal users.

Historically, the city of Cannes was one of teh first communities to engage in modeling of its territory and to acquire 3D visualization tools. The lack of synergy between GIS and 3D universe has always been an obstacle to the development of our practice, we wanted to have a true GIS 2D / 3D whose vocation is not only to communicate but a real tool to serve our users. So users no longer be content to display only a city of equipment in outline but they can also visualize in 3D, measure its height, analyze the field of vision,…”


What are the main uses for the upcoming 3D you have set up?

“We wish to register the model as a multidisciplinary tool that alows decision making, project design or enhancement of our territory.”


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