Use Case Smart City – City of Cannes

The strengths of the 3D IGO solution according to Aurélien LEROY of GIS Service

The GIS department of the city of Cannes is aware that 3D is part of new approaches to analyze, understand and create tomorrow’s spaces. So he trusted IGO to implement the Skyline software suite that enabled the service to manage in total autonomy throughout the 3D city model of the city, the CityGML data and dissemination of the 3D model on the Web portal with “professional” tools for internal users.The existing 2D GIS editor of the city, leader in the field of Geographic Information System, certainly delivers powerful 3D spatial analysis tools.

However the performance and suitability of Skyline tools with the needs of the city were decisive in orienting the choice of using IGO solutions.
The management of urban 3D CityGML model in the 3D City LifeCycle Management update cycle, the interoperability with all 3D formats and GIS and the rich functionality of the sofwatre suite were essential.

La solution 3D City LifeCycle Management a été développée pour répondre aux besoins de la ville en termes d’administration de données et de mise à jour. IGO a donc mis en place un processus permettant l’intégration, la mise à jour ou la suppression de bâtiments au format CityGML à partir d’un identifiant clé unique, tout cela articulé autour de l’outil RhinoTerrain / Rhinocity et en respectant le standard CityGML (structuration des entités, modèle attributaire).
3D City LifeCycle Management solution was developed to meet the needs of the city in terms of administration and data updating. IGO has put in place a process of integration, updating or removing of buildings in CityGML format from a unique key identifier, all centered around the RhinoTerrain / Rhinocity tool and respecting the CityGML standard (structuring of entities, attribute model).

Communicating the GIS data with 3D data

The city of Cannes has very specific airborne surveys that it was complicated to operate with performance in GIS standard. However, these data are needed to better understand the issues of territory and make the right decisions for development.Also, the city of Cannes relied on IGO to implement a 3D platform, innovative and interoperable for decision and communication support to technical services, elected officials and the general public.The objectives: To provide GIS data with 3D data and enable:

  • administrationoperation and distribution of 3D urban model Intra/Internet ,
  • the management of a real “3D geographic database”, namely the realization of updates cross impacting 2D and 3D data without double entry.

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